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Sharpsmart aims to bring the safety benefits of its reusable sharps management system to healthcare workers in the UK and Ireland and to rapidly become the leading supplier of safe sharps management.

...the Sharpsmart container is a superior product and in addition has significant safety features...
Sheila Morgan
Freeman Hospital, UK, Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Control
Sharps injuries - a risk to Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers often suffer sharps injuries when using sharps containers – the most common occurring because of containers that have been over-filled and are left with sharps protruding. Besides the pain of such a sharps injury, if the patient is positive for HIV or Hepatitis then there is a risk that the disease could be transmitted to the healthcare worker. In fact, there are more than 20 bloodborne organisms that can be transmitted in this manner.

There is a high risk of acquiring Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B or HIV from a sharp that has been used with a positive patient.  There are thousands of carers who have acquired Hepatitis B at work in the past and, thanks to a very effective vaccine given to all carers, this number has dropped considerably. For Hepatitis C however, there is no vaccine and little effective treatment if disease is acquired. At least 400 carers have contracted HIV definitely or probably from a sharps injury at work. In countries with high HIV rates, the carriage of hepatitis is also high.

Sharpsmart - safer and environmentally responsible

Most sharps containers used in Europe are destroyed once they are filled, and for this reason are mass-produced with few effective safety features. Another serious factor with single-use sharps containers is that they add to the huge amount of plastic waste generated by hospitals each year. This plastic is often incinerated, adding to greenhouse-gas emissions, or treated in some way and then dumped into land-fills.

Sharpsmart is pleased to provide a solution for European healthcare workers with its unique reusable system, which has been proven to reduce sharps injuries while costing less than other safety devices and also reducing plastic waste.


Sharpsmart History

Sharpsmart was founded in Australia in 1986 by innovator and entrepreneur Dan Daniels, and was one of the first companies in the world to provide reusable sharps containers to healthcare facilities. In 1996, Daniels' team of engineers and scientists began a Research & Development project to address the growing need for a safer system for disposing of sharps.

A challenging project

Daniels canvassed hospital staff worldwide to come up with an affordable system that met all the needs of healthcare workers. Hospital staff responded by setting a hard task; asking for an ‘intelligent’ system that had inbuilt passive safety, prevented overfilling and stopped children getting their hands in. Staff also wanted a system that could manage large, bulky sharps and that was leak-proof, puncture-proof and tamper-proof once closed.

Environmental concerns

Because of his concern for the environment, Daniels had already been using reusable sharps containers for several years and this experience now became invaluable because a system that incorporated all of the tough requirements demanded by healthcare workers would require components too expensive to be simply used once and then destroyed. However, hospitals and regulatory authorities also insisted that a reusable system required processing by a fully-automatic, robotic washer-sanitizer.

A successful and effective result

After 5 years of research, development and trials the Sharpsmart system had been refined so that it not only met all of the requirements demanded by healthcare workers, but also significantly reduced sharps injuries. In 2003, results from the largest international study of sharps containment systems was published in the British Journal of Hospital Infection, showing that the Sharpsmart system achieved an average 33% reduction in total sharps injuries in hospitals where it had been introduced.

International success

The Sharpsmart system is now used in several thousand healthcare facilities in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. It is the most widely used reusable sharps containment system in the world.

Safer Sharps Management

Safe and environmentally responsible sharps management.

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