Facilities Teams

We are committed to Making Healthcare Safer for all cleaning professionals in a clinical setting. Explore how we achieve this through waste containment systems that are not only robotically sanitised but also optimally placed to minimise facilities staff labour, manual cleaning and associated waste handling risks.



Infection Control

You are the architect of healthcare's infection prevention strategy - equip your team with modern, touchless containment systems for all healthcare waste streams. Explore how Sharpsmarts' approach can reduce cross-contamination risk.




Imagine a world where the constant need to replenish your order of single-use sharps and clinical waste containers was drastically reduced or even eliminated. Sharpsmart can make that world a reality. Explore the impact of our reusable waste containers on operations, safety, and supply chain security.



Clinical Executives

Explore how Sharpsmart partners with health systems to modernise their total healthcare waste management strategy. Our solutions don't end at the loading dock, we analyse every facet of your waste management protocols to optimise safety, sustainability, efficiency and compliance; all resulting in the reduced total cost of ownership!



Explore a New Normal by Waste Stream


Explore the impact a new modern way of thinking will have on each of the waste streams your NHS hospital, Trust or healthcare facility generates. Safety and Infection Control, movement efficiencies and correct waste segregation all impact cleanliness and hygiene, environmental impact, and ultimately cost minimisation.