Point-of-care sharps disposal

To minimise risk, sharps should be disposed of as close as possible to the point of generation.

...the Sharpsmart container is a superior product and in addition has significant safety features...
Sheila Morgan
Freeman Hospital, UK, Clinical Nurse Specialist Infection Control
However, in many patient rooms or treatment areas there is no sharps container present and in such situations it has been common for a small, disposable sharps container to be carried on a tray along with the medication to be administered. While this procedure is common, it is not entirely without risk and is a very costly way of managing sharps because of the high 'per litre' cost to purchase and dispose of small sharps containers.

Sharpsmart's innovative Cartsmart Point of Care system combines the trusted safety features of the Sharpsmart reusable container and the lower cost structure of using large-capacity containers. The introduction of the Sharpsmart Point of Care Cartsmart System (with aseptic clean zone patient preparation area) has created a huge demand from existing and new customers throughout the NHS due to the ability to provide a stable working environment directly at point of care.

And of course the reusable Sharpsmart container is also kinder on the environment than small, disposable containers.

In addition to its complete range of mounting accessories, Sharpsmart, in conjunction with existing users, has also developed a number of written Standard Operating Procedures which can be tailored to meet specific site applications and which include reference to infection prevention and waste management instructions.

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Cartsmart 1
Cartsmart 1

Enables convenient, mobile mounting of Sharpsmarts. Adjustable height allows for use in a variety of locations and tough plastic construction is easy to keep clean.

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S22 Regular Sharpsmart
S22 Regular Sharpsmart

Best suited to moderate volume areas and drug trolleys.

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Fill Capacity
14.5 litres
H 440mm x W 395mm x D 210mm

Safer Sharps Management

Safe and environmentally responsible sharps management.

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