Verify & Customer Excellence

Your goals are our goals.

Medical waste, whether we like it or not, is a necessary by-product of the clinical procedure. 

It is generated within every clinical department inside a hospital and, if not managed correctly, can not only pose a threat to patients, staff and the environment - but can also be a huge drain on the financial resources of any healthcare organisation.


What are our Joint Goals? 

  • Protection: Ensuring that staff, patients, visitors and the caring environment are not put at risk.
  • Sustainability: Ensuring that waste is segregated to minimise environmental impact. 
  • Value: Managing waste efficiently to ensure costs are minimised. 
  • Compliance: Packaging, transport and consigned waste in line with legislation and best practice. 
  • Education: Train staff without impacting the time they spend away from the caring environment. 

Sharpsmart customers are now eligible for the newly-created VERIFY process, developed to ensure that we meet your needs and perpetually validate the contract goals (KPIs) for the duration of your partnership with our business.


The Customer Excellence Programme 

The Customer Excellence Programme is delivered by our field-based Customer Excellence team who will be regularly visiting all departments within your facility (where our products and services are being used). Supported by our operations and clinical waste programme management teams, we will perform regular non-invasive VERIFY audits and competency development training to your staff. 

The audits will be aligned with the newly created VERIFY KPI tool, a process whereby we will regularly verify performance against the contractual KPIs. These KPIs will be clearly focussed on the 5 key needs of healthcare waste management related to protection, sustainability, value, compliance and education. 

Following the VERIFY audits you will have instant access to the VERIFY dashboards and detailed audit reports to provide you with full visibility of performance versus the 5 needs KPIs. 


The VERIFY process

The VERIFY Process is a blend of KPI development planning, auditing processes and live departmental performance reports designed specifically to manage the outcomes of the 5 needs associated with the management of healthcare generated waste. 

The VERIFY audits and perpetual optimisation and training is delivered by our Customer Excellence and Waste Programme managers.


How does the VERIFY Process ensure that our Joint Goals are achieved? 

The VERIFY process begins with the development of our joint KPIs using the VERIFY KPI Tool. The VERIFY audits are designed to deliver a 5 step improvement and innovation process (demonstrated). 

The outcomes are validated at regular review meetings with the use of the VERIFY reports which are designed for simple review and, where required, a training and corrective action plan. 

To find out more about Customer Excellence and the Verify programme, and how these can help your healthcare facility meet and exceed its goals, call us on 01388 810 310 or email to book a free, no-obligation demonstration.

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