Clinismart Bag-to-Bedside

The innovative, safe way to deal with clinical waste at point of generation.

Prevent infection. Stay compliant with CQC guidelines and waste regulations. Save costs.

Ensuring the regular removal of infectious, offensive and all other types of waste from ward-level is paramount to the patient, staff and visitor environment. But how can you ensure this is done as safely as possible?

The Clinismart Bag-to-Bedside system provides an innovative yet unbelievably simple way to deal with waste that is generated at a patient’s bedside, helping you to stay compliant with CQC guidelines and the 2012 Controlled Waste Regulations.

Comprising a range of bespoke components and blended learning tools, including bag dispensers, and waste bin labels the solution is designed to safely contain waste at the point of generation – whilst significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination to the patient environment.

  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Promote correct segregation
  • Enhance the patient environment
  • Develop staff competency
  • Generated waste dealt with quickly and safely
  • Additional educational materials available, including prompt cards and posters

Clinismart also provides departmental specific waste segregation posters, prompt cards and educational workstations can be strategically placed in areas where staff responsible for performing clinical procedures can ‘self-train’.

To find out more about how the Bag-to-Bedside system can help your facility in the areas of training, compliance and infection control, call us on 01388 810 310 or drop us a line at to book a free, no-obligation demonstration.

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