Vacsmart Waste Shrinkage System

Improving staying, visiting and working conditions for all

Did you know that the average large healthcare facility generates 12 kilos of waste per patient per day?

The Vacsmart system is designed to shrink clinical, offensive and other soft waste streams by up to 80%, helping to eliminate odours and significantly enhancing living, working and visiting conditions for all. 


  • Reduces waste volume by up to 80%
  • Eliminates odour, airborne viruses and spillages 
  • Outbreak containment 
  • Increase storage space 
  • Portable 
  • No more bulky containers! 
  • Free up your portering staff



Comprising a vacuum packaging machine, specially designed vacuum bags and associated point-of-care waste transport trolleys, the Vacsmart removes and filters odours, bacteria and excess within waste bags and has been proven to reduce waste volume by up to 80%. 

The result is a hermetically sealed package of waste, safely containing all contents and therefore removing the risk of infectious waste cross contamination to the care environment. 


By eradicating infection, the Vacsmart system can help contain outbreaks of large-scale viruses, such as norovirus and swine flu – occurrences that can not only temporarily incapacitate your staff, but also have the potential to be life-threatening to some patients. 

We use the Vacsmart system on multiple wards for both clinical and general waste and have found it to be extremely effective in helping to reduce waste volumes across both areas. As well as being environmentally-friendly, the system also helps to reduce waste movements and “portering” time – both of which are invaluable benefits for any healthcare facility.” 

Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We’d love the opportunity to show you just what the Vacsmart system can do for your facility. 

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